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Xi Jinping Inspects China’s Southwest Guizhou Province

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Xi Jinping Inspects China’s Southwest Guizhou Province



Xi emphasizes the importance of realizing the situation,adapting to the trend and exerting the advantages as well as making good use of dialectical thinking in development planning.



Bijie Daily


June 19, 2015


Guiyang, June 18(Xinhua)--Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, president of the People’s Republic of China and chairman of the PRC Central Military Commission,recently inspects in Guizhou and emphasizes that the province needs to adapt to the new normal of our economic development, to maintain the strategic concentration and to strengthen investigations and researches.It is also important to realize the situation, adapt to the trend,exert the advantages, break the bottleneck, give overall consideration, offer coordinated geared play and make good use of dialectical thinking in planning for economic and social development.


June 16 to 18, accompanied by Zhao Kezhi, secretary of Guizhou provincial party committee, and Chen Miner, governor of Guizhou Province, Xi Jinping went to rural areas, enterprises, schools, parks and red education bases in Zunyi, Guiyang and Guian New District to have deep inspection on giving best efforts to alleviate poverty and make a plan for economic and social development in the thirteenth-five-year period.


The Red Army Martyrs’ Cemetery lies in the south foothills of Phoenix Mountain in Zunyi City, which has a collection burial of a group of Red Army martyrs. In the morning of June 16 , Xi arrived at Xinzhou Airport of Zunyi by a special plane from Beijing, and drove there presenting flower baskets to the Red Army Martyrs Monument.He stood with a bow, slowly moving round and paying tributes to the monument to express his reverence to the martyrs.






In the afternoon, Xi visited the venue of the 1935 Zunyi Conference and its museum. He listened to the explanations, looked at the material objects, checked out the pictures and asked about the sequences of the Long March and Zunyi Conference from time to time. The conference room is decorated with current scenes with tables and chairs and photos of all the participants are hung on the walls. Xi stopped and stared at the scenes. After watching a video clip of a battle where the Red Army, led by the CPC, crossed the Chishui River four times in the fight against Kuomintang forces, Xi exclaimed “Chairman Mao was a true master of the art of war, and the battle is a textbook case of mobile warfare.” Xi called the conference “a watershed event in the history of the CPC”. The conference showed the path China should take, which was to adopt Marxism principles according to China’s reality, to be independent and self-reliant, to be firm in correct political lines and policy strategies,and to build a strong mature central leadership and other aspects. The conference left valuable experiences and important inspirations in all aspects that we should follow to let the spirit of conference shine forever. At the end of the visit, Xi shook hands warmly with the live people.




After that, Xi Jinping went by a car to visit Huamao Village of Fengxiang Township in Zunyi County. The village, originally called “Huangmaotian”(means “grassy barren field”), used to be a poor village. Lifted out of poverty in recent years, it is renamed as “Huamao”(means “flowers flourish”). Xi went into the smart thermostat greenhouses of modern and efficient agricultural park to visit the product show of greenhouse vegetables and to learn how poverty reduction projects are running from the villagers working on site.Then, he went to home of party members and masses in Baini group to listen to the construction of village organization and the introduction of poverty alleviation, watching the village studios,financial convenient service points, rattan plaited articles and pottery workshops so as to learn how the specific projects of accurate poverty alleviation run and their actual results.


Xi then met Wang Zhiqiang, a farmer who runs a tourist home-stay. At Wang’s home, Xi watched the courtyard and sat together with the other villagers for a intimate chatting. Villagers were happily to talk about the party’s best policies of enriching people’s life. Xi said that the Communist Party of China (CPC) central committee cares a lot about farmers, particularly those in poverty, and has enacted various policies to boost rural development.Nothing will determine CPC central committee’s policy but the villagers’ response of laughing or crying. Villagers laugh means the policy is feasible, so it should be insisted on; if someone cries, the policy should be refined and adjusted. Poverty is not terrible, there is no insurmountable difficulties, “a good life is created with one’s own hands” and nothing will stand in the way if the people are confident and determined. Xi expressed affirmation to the village’s approach of combining the poverty alleviation with the construction of“Four(to be rich,learning,happy and beautiful) in the farmhouse and beautiful countryside” and hoped the village Party branch, committee and cadres to work with heart and effort together to get the villagers’ affairs well done.




On the morning of June 17, Xi Jinping rode from Zunyi to Guiyang. In Guiyang display center of big data application, he watched demonstrations of its Internet applications,and listened to the development of Guizhou big data industries to learn the typical cases of big data applications and talked to the four heads of enterprises who showed application products on site. Xi stressed that in face of the information tide, to seize the commanding height actively with more thinking and practice is an only way to win the developing opportunities. “We must try to make a head start as we face the tide of information application. Concrete moves to promote use of big data are key in deepening its integration with industrialization,”he said while talking to entrepreneurs at the center. Xi stressed the needs for more investments and researches into this field as China’s big data industry is still in its infancy and we should strive to go in the forefront of the world.


Qingzhen Vocational Education City,which is an area in Qingzhen of Guiyang and implements the interactive development model of producing, educating and urbanizing, is now home to 19 vocational schools and more than 60,000 students and teachers. Xi Jinping went there on the afternoon of June 17 and visited Guizhou Machinery Industry School.During the visit,Xi learned the situations of the implementation of “9 + 3” project in Guizhou Province, the planning and construction of Qingzhen Vocational Education City as well as its education and poverty alleviation and affirmed their practice to support the rural areas in getting rid of poverty, focusing on recruiting poverty students and cultivating them by such means as technical training,educating with record of formal schooling,vocational guiding and school and enterprise cooperating. Xi pointed out that vocational education is an important part of China’s education system, which is the basic project to cultivate high quality skilled talents and needs to be continually improved.


In the training base of Guizhou Machinery Industry School, a group of students were carrying out practical training under the guidance of teachers in courses of lathing and processing, numerical controlled machine, robot teaching, laser printing and so on. Xi went to them, watching them operating the machines and asking them about their learning experience.A student showed the president a chessboard made of aluminum alloy,and Xi encouraged him to continue to exert himself and make outstanding achievements. Xi said to the students that school days are wonderful and every moment is precious,so they should stock their strength there to make great progresses.All walks are not only in need of a large number of scientific and technological talents, but a large number of skilled talents. Students should have confidence in their own future. Xi hoped students to aspire the new realm of more skillful than others that “when others don’t have,I have;when others have,I have better ones”, then to learn the true skills with diligence and wisdom to create a better life.


After leaving Qingzhen Vocational Education City, Xi Jinping went to inspect the Gui’an New District. The District,being the eighth national ones in China, is located between Guiyang City and Anshun City with a planned area of 1,795 square kilometers. In front of the display board,Xi understood in detail the overall planning and construction of the new district. Xi was very glad to learn that the new district has basically completed the framework of city transportation hub and has become home to a number of major projects. He said that the district is committed to become an important economic growth pole in western regions,a new leading area in inland economic development and a leading area for the construction of ecological civilization.With the high goals and expectations, it must be carefully planned and managed. Xi stressed that the planning and construction of the new district should aim for environmental sustainability as well as high standards,and the project needs scientific demonstration to stand up well in history. From the beginning,the district should have a good system of organization and leadership as well as a good management mechanism to create a pragmatic, clean and efficient environment.


Then,Xi inspected two IT enterprises in Gui’an New District. In China Telecom’s cloud computing research park,he watched demonstrations of its “Internet+” applications and inspected the data rooms,calling for high-quality IT services and better e-commerce platforms with higher starting point of planning and construction.In Yixiang network technology Co., Ltd., he listened to the company’s new marketing mode of automobile accessories established on the internet and big data, learned the relative technical process from researchers and encouraged them to improve the e-commerce trading platforms and the logistics distribution systems to achieve better economic and social benefits.


During the investigation, Xi Jinping listened to the work report of provincial party committee & government and affirmed the achievements of economic and social development and all aspects of Guizhou. He hopes that Guizhou promotes coordinately the strategic layout of “Four Comprehensives”, keeping the two bottom lines of development and ecological conservation, implantationing advantages of backwardness and struggling to catch up the other provinces.The president urged Guizhou to pursue a new development path that was different from those for other eastern and western provinces.


Xi Jinping pointed out that, at present, China’s economic development presents three major characteristics of speed changes, structural optimization, power conversion. It is China’s big logic of current and coming economic development to adapt to the new normal and to grasp and lead it. To deeply understand the new characteristics and requirements of China’s economic development,focusing on solving major issues which restrict the sustainable and healthy development of economy.We should vigorously promote the structural strategic adjustment of economy, putting innovation on a more prominent position and continuing to deepen reform and opening up to provide a strong impetus to the sustainable and healthy development of economy. To speed up the development of featured agriculture with high efficiency, accelerating the cultivation of new agricultural business entities and the construction of beautiful countrysides, and to promote the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, the connection of infrastructure, the balance of residents’ income, the ration of factors allocation and the integration of industrial development. Correctly underscore the need of balancing economic development and environmental protection and ecological conservation, and in the reform of construction of ecological civilization system and mechanism, plan and practise in advance,putting the action plan proposed solidly into practice to achieve a collaborative promotion of development and environmental protection and ecological conservation.


Xi stressed that the well done of protection and improvement of people’s livelihood can promote social consumption expectations, which is conducive to expand domestic demands, and to grasp the people’s livelihood is to grasp the development. To strive to increase the income of urban and rural residents, we should rely on industry driving and necessary policy incentives to encourage entrepreneurship and expand employment. The work should be carried out really and promote step by step through sound management of key issues masses concern including education, medical care, social security,food safety,etc. We are fighting an uphill battle on poverty alleviation and development and constantly opening up the way of benefiting by associating livelihood security and economic development together through promoting employment and entrepreneurship and developing social undertakings.We should attach great importance to public security work, keep in mind that public security is the most basic livelihood of the people, try to plug the loopholes and eliminate the hidden dangers, put forth effort to grasp the important, the key and the weak link, and constantly improve the level of public security. Xi also called for better care for senior citizens and rural children whose parents have left them to work in cities. In doing so,to improve the working mechanism and measures and to strengthen management and services can make them feel the warmth from the socialist family.


Xi pointed out that the most solid support force of the party’s work is from the grassroots, economic and social development and the most prominent contradictions and problems of the livelihood are also from the grassroots, so without any slightest relaxation,we must take grassroots and foundation laying as a long-term solution and a solid policy. We should focus on strengthening the construction of grassroots party’s organizations, and comprehensively improve their cohesion and combat effectiveness. Highly attention should be paid to the development and change characteristics of grassroots’ political organization, economic organizations, autonomous organizations, mass organizations, and social organizations. It is necessary to strengthen guidance and management to make all grassroots organizations set up according to their needs and perform their duties with responsible persons and reasonable regulations,and then they not only manage well in their allotments with responsibility but sing beautifully the gatherings of heroes and play cards of resultant of forces wonderfully.


Xi Jinping stressed that grassroots cadres is the key to strengthen the basic work of the grassroots.We should care for grassroots cadres,create good conditions for their work and growth,guarantee their reasonable treatment,help them to further improve the work style and improve their capacities of developing economy, reforming and innovating,acting according to the law,resolving contradictions as well as leading the masses. We should guide them to take roots in grassroots, passionate and dedicated,to strive for the first-class. To the advanced model of grassroots cadres, we should vigorously promote publicity and recognition.


Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu and other relevant leading comrades of central departments accompanied the expedition.

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